Mermaid Wine Cocktails

Mermaid Wine Cocktail

There may be a million fish in the sea but you are different. You’re mythical, special….a mermaid! So, you’re not just going to drink any wine at a cocktail party, you deserve mermaid wine.

This under-the-sea-inspired cocktail was a big hit at our special Mermaid Wine Weekend. So, by popular demand, we are sharing the recipe.

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How to Make Mermaid Wine

This blue wine drink is so easy to make! You mix five ounces of our Mountain Goat White Wine with one ounce of Blue Curaçao, and two drops of pure vanilla extract. (You’ll want to use pure vanilla because imitation gives this drink on off-taste.) Then, serve it ice cold in a mermaid wine glass.

Mermaid Wine Glass Decorations

The ocean-inspired wine glasses are so much fun to make. Most of the decorations are edible, which adds an extra special touch to this party drink.


We start with frosting…because isn’t everything better with frosting? Spread a thin layer on a shallow dish. Then, dip the rim of your glass into it.


Press the frosted glass edge into a plate full of sugar sprinkles. We mixed teal, purple, and pink for a mermaid-inspired look.

Brown Sugar

Once the top of your glass is done, move down. Spread a thin layer of frosting on the base of the glass. Then, dip the frosted base into brown sugar. It looks just like sand! So fun!
Let that set for a minute. Then use frosting to stick on a candy pearl and turtle.


We found these Wilton pearls at our local craft store. The gummy turtles are from our friends at American Candle. If you’re not from around here, you can find them online. You can pick up the mermaid cocktail markers from Amazon.

Mermaid Wine Recipe

For Decorating the Glass
3 tablespoons vanilla frosting
2 tablespoons sugar sprinkles (A mix of teal, purple, and pink)
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 pearl candy
1 gummy turtle
1 mermaid wine glass marker

For the Cocktail
Five ounces Mountain Goat White Wine
One ounce Blue Curaçao
2 drops pure vanilla extract

For Decorating the Glass
1. Dip the rim of the glass in a thin layer of white frosting. Immediately roll in colored sugar.
2. Spread frosting around base of glass. Dip in brown sugar. Let set for about a minute.
3. Use icing as glue to stick a candy pearl and a gummy turtle on your brown sugar “beach.”
4. Hang a mermaid wine marker from the side of the glass.

For the Cocktail
Combine wine, Blue Curaçao, and vanilla in decorated wine glass. Serve cold.

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