Sampling Seriously Fun Distilled Spirits

Try a flight! $12.00 for four .5 oz. pours!

Sample our all-natural, grape based vodka, moonshine (Our Apple Pie Shine is a fan favorite!) brandy, & port-style wines. Stick around for a SERIOUSLY FUN hand-crafted cocktail! 

We make all of our spirits in small batches with natural ingredients. 
You’ll have a blast at this craft distillery in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.Sample vodka, moonshine (The apple pie shine is a fan favorite!), brandy, and port-style wines. Stick around for a handcrafted cocktail.


Peach, Pear, Raspberry & Blueberry!


This tasty spirit offers subtle smokey notes and a hint of vanilla and spice. A truly smooth whisky that we're proud to offer and guaranteed to impress.

Pennsylvania moonshine

 Apple Pie Shine
(80 Proof) 


  • Tastes like apple pie
  • Excellent in warm cider
  • 40% Alcohol by volume
Brandy made in the Poconos

Randy’s Brandy


  • Grape-based
  • Notes of vanilla and spice
  • Mellows with age
  • 40% Alcohol by volume
mv vodka for website

Mountain View Vodka


  • All natural and handcrafted
  • Clean, crisp and smooth
  • 40% Alcohol by volume
  • Great for Cocktails!
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