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The Best Wine in Pennsylvania!

Mountain View Vineyard Earns Three American Wine Society Awards

When we started making wine for our friends and family more than ten years ago, it was a hobby just for fun. Over the years, we have honed our skills on the farm and in the wine-making area.  

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves when we realize our little hobby has grown into a major passion and a thriving business.  Sometimes it takes an amazing moment for us to realize just how far we have come.  One of those moments recently happened at the American Wine Society Conference when we learned three of our wines earned awards, including one for having the best wine in Pennsylvania!


Three Pennsylvania wines with American Wine Society medals. Double gold, gold, and silver.
Pennsylvania white wine

Bliss (Dry)

  • From Vidal Blanc Grapes
  • Aged with a hint of oak
  • Notes of citrus and melon
  • Dry crisp finish
  • Pairs well with seafood
  • Enjoy slightly chilled
Aurore wine from Mountain View Vineyard in the Poconos. It's a semi-sweet white wine. Serve chilled.

Aurore (Semi-Dry) 

  • Crisp & Fruity
  • Notes of citrus and green apple
  • Pairs well with White Fish & Mild Cheeses
  • Enjoy slightly chilled
Pennsylvania vineyard white wine

Mountain Goat White (Semi-Sweet)

  • From Cayuga Grapes
  • Light and fruity
  • Great sipping wine
  • Pairs well with chicken, white fish, and cheesecake
  • Best served chilled
Niagra wine made in Pennsylvania

Niagara (Sweet)

  • From Niagara Grapes
  • Also known as “White Concord”
  • Sweet and fruity
  • Great sipping wine
  • Pairs well with fresh fruit or desserts
  • Best served chilled
Blush wine made in the Poconos

Wild Mountain Rose (Semi-Dry) 

  • Catawba
  • Unoaked
  • Pairs well with grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, and salmon
  • Enjoy slightly chilled
Pennsylvania blush wine

First Blush (Semi-Sweet)

  • Made from Catawba grape
  • Excellent with desserts like strawberry cheesecake
  • Pairs well with ham or turkey with cranberry sauce
  • Enjoy chilled
petite pearl bottle image 1

Petite Pearl (Dry)

  • Bold tannins, Full body
  • Aged in French oak
  • Intense aromas of raspberry and blackberry
  • Pairs well with stuffed mushrooms or seared tuna
  • Best served at room temperature
  • Ready to drink but offers excellent aging-potential
Pocono vineyard wine made with Noiret grapes

Noiret (Dry)

  • Between a Shiraz & Cabernet
  • Oak-aged
  • Pairs well with steak or smoked gouda
  • Best served at room temperature
Edit Timeless2

Timeless (Dry)

  • Pairs well with steak or dry rubbed ribs
  • Best served at room temperature
  • Subtle notes of cherry and dark chocolate

Fruition (Semi-Dry)

  • Perfect Balance of Flavors
  • Pairs well with pulled pork, pizza, or steak
  • Makes a delightful summer sangria
  • Makes a delicious winter mulled wine
  • Serve chilled
Red wine made at a Pocono winer

Split Rail Red (Sweet)

  • Blend of Three Pennsylvania Grapes
  • Pairs well with a smoked cheddar burger or steak
  • Serve slighty chilled or at room temperature
Pennsylvania vineyard sweet red wine

Mountain Goat Red (Sweet)

  • Made with Concord grapes
  • Fruity
  • Pairs well with chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate cake
  • Best served chilled
Bliss bubbly 3

Bliss Bubbly (Dry)

  • Made with Vidal Blanc Grapes
  • Notes of citrus & melon
  • Crisp, dry finish
  • Perfect for toasting - Enjoy chilled

LaCrescent (Dry)

  • Made with LaCrescent Grapes
  • Notes of apricot, peach & green apple
  • Perfect for toasting - Enjoy chilled
  • Awarded a Silver Medal - American Wine Society
Pocono vineyard blush sparkling wine

Blush Bubbly (Semi-Sweet)

  • A blend of Chambourcin and Cayuga Grapes
  • Pretty pink color
  • Bright and fruity
  • Not too dry. Not too sweet.
  • Best served chilled
poppin p

Poppin' Pearl (Semi-Sweet)

  • Bold tannins, full body
  • Aged in French oak
  • Intense aromas of raspberry and blackberry
Fruit Wines & Sangrias

Peach Sangria (Sweet)

  • Made with Sweet Niagara Wine
  • Peach Nectar & Peach Juice
  • Absolutely 0 artifical flavors
  • Served best over ice.

Strawberry Wine (Semi-Sweet)

  • 100% real strawberries
  • Absolutely 0 artifical flavors
  • No grapes
  • Perfect sweetness, Not too sweet

Pocono dessert wine

Black Magic 

  • Made with petite pearl & noiret grapes
  • Oak aged in a tawny port style
  • Fortified with Randy’s Brandy
  • 20% Alcohol by Volume
Dessert Red wine made on the Pocono Wine Trail

Red Rapture

  • Split Rail Red aged in stainless steel
  • Ruby port style
  • Fortified with Randy’s Brandy
  • 20% Alcohol by Volume
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