The Best Wine We’ve Ever Made, Vision

New Pennsylvania Wine Release

The Best Wine We’ve Ever Made

We’d like to introduce you to the the best wine we have ever made. In fact, we think it may be the best wine you have ever tasted. Maybe even the best wine in the world! Ok, perhaps we took it a little bit too far with that last bit. We’re just super-excited about this new, limited-edition release.

A Vision Becomes Reality

The wine is named Vision to celebrate our vision coming to fruition.

Our new winery in the Pocono Mountains opens this weekend. The journey to this moment started back in 2003 with a trip to the Finger Lakes with some friends.

We fell in love with wine. So, when we came home, we planted some vines to see if we had the right growing conditions (terroir for you fancy folks). The conditions were perfect.

We turned our mountainside backyard into a vineyard and started producing wine. In 2009, we opened our little mom and pop winery in our basement.

Today, we have a big new winery (more than four times the size of the original) and a 100-acre farm with more than 12 acres of grapes planted so far.

It’s all really a dream come true.

An Elegant Red Pennsylvania Wine

Vision is a unique blend of three sustainably grown Pennsylvania grapes. They are Noiret, Chambourcin, and Foch. It has been oak-aged for three years waiting for the perfect moment to be released. That moment is this weekend!

Vision pairs perfectly with a steak dinner or a nice chunk of gouda cheese.

Only 500 Bottles Available

Each of the limited-edition bottles has a special commemorative label.
They are hand numbered and signed by the winemakers and the artist (who also happens to be our son) who designed our famous goat in a glass logo.

Custom Commemorative Cases

There are two custom cases available for Vision. The first one is the engraved bag you see above.

The second is the box below. It’s engraved with the winery name and comes with a foil cutter, a bottle opener, and a bottle stopper.

Get Your Custom Case

You can pick them both up at our grand opening this weekend. If you haven’t purchased your grand opening tickets yet, there is still time! You can get them online now.


Vision Oak-Aged Red Wine $49.99
Engraved Gift Bag $24.99
Engraved Gift Box $39.99

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