The Best Wine in Pennsylvania and Other Awards

The Best Wine in Pennsylvania

Mountain View Vineyard Earns Three American Wine Society Awards

When we started making wine for our friends and family more than ten years ago, it was a hobby just for fun. Over the years, we have honed our skills on the farm and in the winemaking area.

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves when we realize our little hobby has grown into a major passion and a thriving business.

Sometimes it takes an amazing moment for us to realize just how far we have come.

One of those moments recently happened at the American Wine Society Conference when we learned three of our wines earned awards, including one for having the best wine in Pennsylvania!

Bliss White Wine - Best in PA

The American Wine Society named our Bliss White Wine the "Best of Pennsylvania Grown and Produced Award." The award recognizes the best wine made in Pennsylvania using Pennsylvania grown grapes.

We knew Bliss was a winner from the first time we tasted it. With notes of citrus and melon, just a hint of oak, and a dry, crisp finish, it created a blissful sensation, hence the name! 

Made with Local Vidal Blanc Grapes

We believe Bliss stands out from the competition because so much care goes into making it.

After harvest, the grapes head into the winemaking facility right here on our farm. We use solar power and geothermal energy to produce our wines. 

How to Serve It

To highlight the wine's flavors, serve Bliss slightly chilled. We recommend pairing it with seafood. 

Noiret Red Wine - American Wine Society Gold Medal Winner

Noiret is an amazing hybrid grape (naturally crossbred non-GMO) that we grow sustainably. It produces a dry Shiraz-like red wine with a nice peppery finish. We age it in oak for even more flavor. Try Noiret with steak or smoked gouda cheese.

LaCrescent Sparkling Wine - American Wine Society Silver Medal Winner

This is another one of our favorites! LaCrescent Sparkling Wine is perfect for any celebration! It features notes of apricot, citrus, and green apple.

Try The Award Winning Wines

You can order all of the award-winning wines from our online store. You get free shipping when you order a case. Just use the coupon code "CaseShipping."

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