See How Chickens will Help Keep Our Farm Sustainable

Why Do a Winery & Brewery Need Chickens?

Say hello to our new Cornish Cross Hen, Corny! She loves playing in the barn.

She’s one of a dozen birds we recently brought to the farm. We got a few Cornish Hens, Amber Links, ISA Browns, Barred Rocks, and Blue Asians. (Who knew there were so many types of chickens!?)

So many people have asked us what chickens will do at a winery and brewery. They will be helping with our sustainable farming efforts!

You can learn more about it in the video below or scroll down to read about the chicks and see photos.

Chickens Love Beer Grains

After we make beer, we have tons (literally tons) of leftover grains. While many people throw them away, we just can’t stand to see the waste!

We learned that chickens love beer grains. So, now we have plenty of feed for our new flock.

The chickens don’t get tipsy because the grains are removed before the fermenting process.

A Balanced Diet – Natural Pest Control

The chicks are also allowed free range out by our barn. So, they’ll be able to graze on pesky insects and get some greens as well.

Chickens Grow Fast

Between the beer grains, bugs, and greenery, these chicks will grow up before you know it. Corny will gain about a pound a week until she is full grown.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Once the chickens are mature, they will provide eggs for one of our new projects! We are planning on adding an organic farm stand next spring. You’ll be able to pick up fresh eggs and produce right across the street from the winery.

Free Fertilizers

The chickens will also provide fertilizer for our organic garden. They’ll ride in chicken tractors (kind of like a hen house on wheels) and do what chickens do best after all that eating. This will naturally fertilize the plants.

From feed to fertilizer, the new chicken flock will help in many ways around the farm.

So feel free to join us in raising a glass to say, “Cheers to the chickens!”

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