New Brewery Coming to the Poconos

New Brewery Coming to the Poconos

In case you can’t tell from Randy’s face, we are SO excited! We’re opening a new brewery in the Poconos.

Many of you know we just opened our new winery in May. The brewery will be located in the same building. (No, we don’t ever plan to retire. Our jobs are too much fun!)

Brewhouse Delivery

The brewhouse (that’s the set up of all of the tanks and equipment you use in brewing) arrived from Canada this morning. If you check out the video above, you can see it was quite a task getting it into the building.

A Tight Squeeze

At first, the brewhouse looked like it was going to fit through the production facility doors but we ran into a little snag.

Making Adjustments

We had to remove the stairs to get it through the doors. Luckily, we have a great team. You might recognize Farmer Frank there on the right. That guy does it all!

Welcome Home

Here’s the moment Randy has been waiting for for months, the brewhouse is in the building!

Heavy Lifting

We had to move a wine tank to make room for its new neighbor.

Sliding Into Place

Before long, we slid the equipment into its permanent location in our barrel room. The plumber is making all of the final hookups.

We should be able to begin testing brews soon. You will be able to sample our handcrafted beer sometime this fall.

Stay tuned for details of the brewery grand opening celebration. You can sign up for blog updates using the form at the bottom of this page.

Linda & Randy

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