New Winery Construction Update

New Pocono Winery Construction Update

Standing on this floor is like standing in the middle of a dream. We need to pinch ourselves. Is this really happening? It must be. We hear the buzz of saws and the hammer of nails as we watch the frame go up for our brand new winery. Yes, some dreams really do come true.

Coming to Fruition

We named one of our first wines Fruition. That was about seven years ago when our dream to turn a winemaking hobby into a business came to fruition. That business grew faster than we ever imagined thanks to customers like you.

It grew so fast that it started to get crowded in the little tasting room we had put in the ground floor of our home. That’s where the seeds for a new dream were planted, a dream to build the biggest and best winery in the Poconos.

The Frame is Up

Construction crews have been working hard since August. They’ve prepared the foundation and put up the building frame.

Bigger and Better

You can see the framing leaves space for large windows. That way you can see the beautiful view from anywhere in the tasting room.

Ten-foot high walls and 16-foot tall cathedral ceilings will give the room a wide-open feel.

A Bigger Bar

The focal point of the room will be a 14-foot square bar. There will be plenty of room for everybody who wants to enjoy a tasting or a glass of wine, spirits, or beer.

There will also be comfortable seating areas including a bistro and a covered porch that wraps around the entire building.

A Stunning View

We could look at that view all day! You can see why this is going to make an excellent spot for locations and special events.

The tasting room can hold up to 75 guests for your wedding, shower, rehearsal dinner, fundraiser, corporate event, or just about anything you can think of. (We will also have a tent in the vineyard for larger events.)

The Winemaking Facility

This is the lower level of the building where the winemaking facility will go. It will easily be able to handle dozens of wine barrels. We’re going to seriously expand our winemaking operation here. You’ll be able to watch through big glass panes.

This will be a unique place to host smaller special events (with up to 50 guests.) You’ll come through a beautiful entryway into an event space right in the midst of the winemaking equipment. There’s nothing else like it in this area.

Wine Kegs

This space will also hold our kegs of beer and wine. If you order wine by the glass in the tasting room, it will be served from a keg. This is much more environmentally friendly than using so many glass bottles.

Opening Next Spring

The team at L&K Construction says we’re on track to open in April and we can’t wait to see you all there!

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