Wine Bottling Machine

An Inside Look at Our Wine Bottling Process

A Sneak Peak Inside the Wine Bottling Building

It’s wine bottling day! Today, we’re packaging bottles of our signature Split Rail Red. We’re inviting you to join us for this behind-the-scenes tour of our Pocono mountain wine making facility.

That fancy looking gadget is our bottle filler. The wine runs from a 300 gallon tank, through the tubes and into bottles. Frank is filling six bottles at a time. Since we know you thought about it (we have too), no you can’t stick your face under there and drink from the wine fountain. Darn those health and safety regulations!

From the bottle filler, we move to the bottle corker. This machine presses a cork into each bottle. It’s fun to work with. Look at the smile on Matt’s face!

Here’s another happy team member. Sarah uses this machine to stick our labels on the bottles. While the machine spins the bottles, she has to make sure to line each label up just right so it’s not crooked.

We wrap up it all up with a toast celebrating a good day’s work. Cheers!

What’s Inside That Bottle?
Our Signature Split Rail Red Wine.

  • Semi Sweet
  • Blend of Frontenac, Foch, Cynthiana, and Chambourcin Grapes
  • Pairs Well With Smoked Cheddar Burgers or Steak
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