A Little Extra Love. See How We Support Baby Vines.

How To Support New Grape Vines

Farmer Frank is fond of saying, “Happy healthy grapes make happy healthy wine.” One way we keep our grapes so happy is by showing them lots of support.

We’ve showed you how we set up the main vineyard supports. They are great¬†for holding mature vines. However, sometimes the babies need a little extra love.

Supporting New Grape Vines

We use fiberglass supports to guide young vines as they stretch toward support wires. The fiberglass is reusable so we can use it over and over again as we plant new fields.

Recently, we shared why it is so important to keep those vines aiming high.

Flexible Ties

Our flexible rubber ties are also reusable. These are great because they gently attach the plant to the support post. They are pliable enough that they don’t cause breakage as the vines move and grow.

It’s A Lot of Work

The farmers tied several hundred vines to posts.

Within a week or two, they’ll have to go back and adjust the ties to guide the growing vines.

It’s a lot of work but for us it’s worth it to keep those vines off the ground and avoid a lot of pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide use.

Because Frank is right…happy vines make happy wines!

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