Due to COVID-19 precautions, our hours and operations have changed. See our current operations and safety procedures.

Dear Friends of Mountain View Vineyard,

We continue to closely follow updates regarding the state of current events surrounding COVID-19 and any potential future impact it could have on our customers, employees and surrounding communities. Our heart goes out to those who have been affected by the virus, and we hope for their swift and full recovery. Fortunately, to date, we have had no reports of team members or anyone on our property contracting the virus.

That said, in light of recent regional developments over the past 8 weeks, we are closing our tasting room, effective immediately. Production and other operations will continue at the winery, brewery, and distillery, including purchases of our full product line for TO-GO consumption only. Our Bistro will also be open for pick-up orders only. Our dining area and tasting room will be closed to the public until further notice.

These decisions are not taken lightly. We are working in partnership with our industry peers, local governments and community leaders and are making decisions accordingly. While we recognize that this decision impacts our employees, business operations, and customers, we are choosing to close our tasting room as their safety and well-being is our top priority.

We will post updates via email and on our website. If you need any assistance with wine or general inquiries, please reach out via phone, email, and website.

We always value your business, but more importantly, we value your health. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you when we re-open our doors for a SERIOUSLY FUN time.


Randy and Linda Rice
Proprietors of Mountain View Vineyard
Winery, Brewery, & Distillery

Randy and Linda Rice, Proprietors of Mountain View Vineyard Winery, Brewery, & Distillery

Mountain View Vineyard Response Plan

During the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) and precautions issued by federal, state, and local agencies that are designed to minimize the spread of this virus have created the need to issue specific modifications to previously established procedures at Mountain View Vineyard in the performance of our regulatory support service duties. Mountain View Vineyard considers the safety of our employees and their families, our guests and customers, and the general public health and welfare as our highest priority in determining the precautionary steps outlined below. Please be aware that the procedures at Mountain View Vineyard are the minimum requirements and when performing work from any locations, any written procedures or guidelines that are more stringent will be adopted by our staff immediately.

In developing this directive for our employees, the following considerations have been made:

a. Health and welfare of our employees

b. Maintaining adequate levels of support for tasks identified as Essential

c. Developing reasonable and effective modifications to procedures when performing

essential tasks that minimize health risks to our employees or others while the tasks are performed.

d. Adoption of alternative work areas that provide for the required social distancing and

reduced exposure to the virus. (e.g. working from home when acceptable, rotating use of tasting room shifts and space, working new locations of the property outside of the tasting room facility).

e. Prioritizing electronic communications over in-person meetings and updating our

abilities to maintain excellent communications within and outside of the organization.

f. Daily reporting of issues through an established chain of command regarding work

assignments, customer and sales issues, and timely reporting of health or safety issues that you may encounter as you are performing the essential tasks.

After a few weeks of learning more about what businesses are able to remain open and when employees can return to work, it is clear they expect us to continue performing essential tasks using practical and effective safeguards as outlined by CDC and the County Public Health Departments in the performance of those tasks. They also concur that when a routine task presents too much exposure to the virus risk, that task can be deferred and documented as such. Those tasks will be tracked as priorities for accomplishing when the restrictions are lifted by the State and local authorities.

After much consideration and close regard from the proprietors of Mountain View Vineyard of each of our employee’s work-related needs, the final lists of tasks and precautions are included in Attachment 1 to illustrate the general level of precautions being taken and will serve as a template for other employee and customer interaction.


Essential Public Service Task: Any task that is required to ensure the safety of the consumer visiting our tasting room to make a purchase; to protect the employees of Mountain View Vineyard from upset, interference, or passthrough events; or any direct response that protects public health and safety.

Key Personnel: Any Mountain View Vineyard employee that either has supervisory responsibilities; has overall responsibility for either operational or administrative services; employees that oversee customer relations or inventory needs; overall responsibility for property maintenance or preservation. Currently that includes the CEO, GM, Tasting Room Supervisors and Associates, Vineyard Employees, and other general maintenance employees.


Mountain View Vineyard has responsibilities to our clients, our employees, and to protect the overall business from catastrophic failure due to resource depletions. The term resource reflects the staffing that perform the job duties and the capital to pay them for their services.

Our primary focus at this stage of the crisis is to protect Mountain View Vineyard employees from contacting and spreading the Covid-19 virus. The procedures that follow are the work plan that has been devised to meet that goal while completing essential tasks related to producing and selling our products to the consumer and other essential public services that Mountain View vineyard performs.

The efforts moving forward will be to accomplish essential tasks only while maintaining additional safety practices that are recognized by the CDC and local health agencies. You are our front-line people and Mountain View Vineyard expects to hear from you often about questions and concerns as we venture back to some of the tasks that traditionally have been routine with clearly understood safety precautions. Those precautions are still critical and important, but this new health concern is invisible and the way we approach the work tasks from this point forward must include these new safety measures without exception.

Communication is critical during this time and procedures are being activated which allow many of us to perform vital support roles more remotely than in the past.

All portions of this initial plan are fluid and subject to change in response to escalating or reductions in the Statewide mandates.

1. General Procedures

A. Timecard Entry for COVID-19

All time taken off from your normal Mountain View Vineyard daily activities to comply with company directives in preparation for addressing Mountain View vineyard responsiveness to this crisis shall be applied accordingly. Additionally, any future time off approved by a supervisor directly related to reducing exposure from the public or other co-workers during this crisis needs to be included in this category as well.

B. If you feel sick

As in the past, when an employee feels that they are developing symptoms of communicable type diseases (e.g. colds, flu, etc.) they are instructed not to come into work until such time as the symptoms are resolved. Prolonged illnesses (e.g., greater than 3-days) need to be communicated with Mountain View Vineyard’s Management and HR department. The normal requirement to get a release from a doctor after 3-days has been waived during this pandemic as doctors and there staff are too busy treating illness and visiting them is a disruption of their duties and puts our employees at greater risk by visiting these offices. It is important however, that you seek medical help when developing the symptoms as described by the CDC as potential signs of this virus. Keep Mountain View Vineyard posted as to the results because they will also determine additional steps at work to safeguard other employees.

C. Social Distancing

I. Effective immediately, all employees are instructed to adopt communication procedures that maximizes the use of cell phones, e-mail, and other electronic communications over in-person meetings. This allows continued essential services to our client without exposing our employees or others to potential viruses that may be asymptomatic at that time. II. On March 20, 2020 (in response to the Governor’s Stay Home Order of 3/19/20) all employees were instructed to stay home until further notice while Mountain View Vineyard management discussed options and develop a written plan that clearly outlined how Mountain View Vineyard will proceed starting on April 15, 2020. III. Supervisors will make individual decisions for their work group regarding remote working options with the understanding that working remotely is preferred unless the task cannot be performed remotely. This provision applies whether the work group is located in the vineyard location or the new satellite location. IV. When it becomes necessary to report to a workspace or in the performance of any field activity all employees must maintain the recognized 6-foot distancing rule between people while performing their work while also wearing a face mask.

D. Sanitation

I. Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Wash hands thoroughly for 20-seconds as needed throughout the day when entering new work areas or before handling equipment. Additionally, use the hand sanitizing solutions that have been provided before and after handling telephones, computers, etc.

II. Work Area Sanitizing

Clean work areas (point of sale systems, telephones, countertops, etc.) with the disinfectant wipes that have been provided. This practice should occur in the morning and prior to leaving for the day.

          III. Feeling Sick

Employees that are experiencing shortness of breath, cough, fever of 100.4 or higher are to notify management immediately and stay home. If anyone in your home is experiencing these symptoms, you are to stay home.

Mountain View Vineyard will ensure all sanitary supplies are supplied to employees and/or work areas. When supplies are getting low please inform your supervisor so more supplies can be delivered. The company takes personal health and safety very seriously and adherence to these procedures are not optional. The health and safety of our employees is paramount in our ability to provide a safe workplace for our employees so please be aware that employees that are not following the General procedures outlined in this section will be sent home.

If you have any questions, please contact your immediate supervisor or our HR Department at (951) 295-5745.

E. General Strategy

I. Phased in Approach

Phase I (Immediately – Effective March 17, 2020): Notify all staff members to remain home until further notice.

Phase II (3/20/20-3/23/20): This phase will involve the collection of information from key personnel regarding the essential public service tasks in order to prioritize our efforts. In general, the essential public service tasks will continue once the modified procedures are developed and communicated with staff members.

Phase III (3/23/20-3/25/20): Communication of the modified procedures to staff to ensure clear directions related to essential public services, health and safety precautions, and communications. This phase will include recommendations to operating hours, staff needed for daily operations, and working remotely when possible. This phase also includes finalization of specific procedures that are communicated with the staff members.

Mountain View Vineyard will inform staff members that if they have problems performing the essential duties identified in the modified work schedules that they may continue to stay home and to schedule a conference call with management to discuss other options moving forward.

Phase IV (3/25/20-3/31/20): Determine fiscal impacts of the modified work schedules and any impacts to customer service levels and production.

Phase V (4/01/20 – 4/3/20): Determine need to modify work schedules; increase or decrease hours; reduce salaries; layoffs, etc.as needed to remain solvent.

Phase VI (4/4/20 – 4/12/20): Monitor Government orders; determine payroll needs and requirements for limited employees to return to work.

Phase VII (4/14 – 4/30/20): Assess employee needs and scheduling; create a schedule for limited employees to continue a desired working in areas where there is work available.

F. Preliminary Work Strategy

I. Daily Operations:

1. Any scheduled staff will receive daily task assignments via cellphone messages, e- mails, one-drive, etc. and are notified to enter the tasting room from outdoor work only as needed for restroom breaks.

2. Management for the tasting room will be available from 9am to 7pm to check on daily operations and answer any questions.

3. Tasting room employee will perform disinfection cleaning per the PA DOH expectation at 11:30 and 4:30 every day that we are open.

4. Employees are always to wear a mask when working. All contacted surfaces are to be disinfected and wiped down after every customer interaction.

5. We will stop sending repair notices and stop making onsite contact with customers. Phone and email communication will continue.

6. Vineyard staff will not make contact with customers; 6 feet is to be kept between coworkers when working outdoors and a mask will be worn at all times.

7. When using curbside delivery, employees are not to touch customer’s cars, you are to leave their order on the outdoor table closest to customer parking spot. Under limited circumstances may the employee leave their purchase in an already opened trunk and are not to close the trunk themselves. Gloves and masks are to be worn during curbside delivery.

8. Employees will be scheduled in staggered shifts to avoid overcrowding in the tasting room or at employee log in.

9. Lunch breaks are to be taken away from the tasting room. The brewery downstairs or any place outdoors is suitable for lunch breaks. This is to ensure your safety from contamination or infected surfaces while eating.

10. Employees are to avoid using their personal cell phone while at work. This is to avoid any exposure or contamination of your face.

II. Workplace Compliance (Pretreatment) Program:

1. Workspace is to be sanitized each day (chemical wipes or disinfection spray as available.) This occurs each morning the tasting room staff is entered and each day prior to leaving. This responsibility lies with the first person scheduled to work the tasting room and the last person scheduled to leave. Please note that occupancy of the tasting room needs to consider the distancing rule even between our employees. If the kitchen area only allows one person in the kitchen at a time because of size, then only one employee can be working in the kitchen at a time.

2. All essential tools for working outside are to be sanitized before use and sanitized again once shift if completed and prior to tools being returned for the day.  

3. If working at the Camelback location, employees must wear a mask and gloves during their time there. No customer contact is to be made and employees must practice safe hygiene rules when going to and from lunch if leaving the property.

4. In order to minimize human interaction, Mountain View Vineyard office staff will be responsible for managing the field time sheets, tasting room time sheets, inventory support, payroll needs, and daily assignment of tasks and coordination of employees. This individual will work from the Walters Road location and follow the PA DOH guidelines to maintain proper hygiene within the tasting room and production facility.


Standard Operating Procedures for Disinfection at Mountain View Vineyard, Stroudsburg: 3/19/20 Disinfection cleaning will occur on a rotating shift basis or as assigned by the acting Supervisor and/or Manager. All employees will be trained on preventative measures on the contraction of the COVID-19 virus. All employees shall reduce all contact to physical objects as much as possible. All employees shall wash with soap, and/or disinfect their hands upon entry and exit of Mountain View Vineyard. All employees shall maintain social distancing. All employees shall use latex gloves while performing disinfection cleaning. Disinfection shifts will occur at the start of business (approximately 11am), after lunch (approximately 1:30pm), end of vineyard staff business (approximately 3:30pm), and end of business (approximately 5pm). At a minimum, an employee assigned to a disinfection shift will clean the following.

1. Entry door handles, interior and exterior, for both dual doors at the south west entrance.

2. Entry door handles, interior and exterior, for door at the north west entrance. 

3. Point of sale system and employee clock in screen.

4. Tasting counter near station 170.

5. Wine fridge and handles.

6. Vineyard cell phone.

7. Exterior, door handle for Break Room (production facility).

8. All keyboards, mouse’s, phones, computers, two scanners, staplers, hole punch, and printer in printer room.

9. All chairs in the break room.

10. The top surface of the Break Table.

11. Keg storage walk-in handles.

12. The microwave handles and keys, toaster oven and keys.

13. Coffee machine.

14. The faucet in the employee restroom and toilet and sink surface.

15. Interior and exterior, door handles for the men and women restrooms.

16. In the male restroom; the two faucets, two sinks soap dispensers, the two above sink soap dispensers, sink countertop surface, interior and exterior toilet stall handle, the toilet railing, toilet paper dispenser, toilet handle, door lock, and toilet seat.

17. In the women’s restroom; the faucets, hand dryer, interior and exterior toilet stall handle, the toilet railing, toilet paper dispenser, toilet handle, toilet seat, door locks, and countertop surface.

18. Any other area present to human contact. The toilet seats will be cleaned with a disposable towel.

Abbreviated cleaning will occur only at the end of business and will only include cleaning of the areas where personnel were present and the security alarm keypads.